Video Content Moderation Services

Video Content Moderation Services

Video Content Moderation Services – The fastest professional video content moderation services by over 4,000 certified video content moderators providing accurate video content moderation services for the government, public and private sectors. Promoting businesses online is an amazing technology and has helped many businesses to grow beyond their national boundaries. But do you think everything is safe? The online population is huge and among your target customers, there may be some dirty-minded people who may post lewd comments and disturbing video content on your website, social media channel, or any other online platform. These people can be your competitors or any random online user who has nothing to do with this world. So, to protect your brand from those intruders, you must focus on moderation.

What is video content moderation?

Video Content Moderation ServicesVideo is the easiest way for content companies to attract viewers. This is because videos are more easily remembered than anything else written. Hence, posting video content on social media or websites is a huge trend these days. But, while doing so, some users may post lewd comments that can tarnish your brand’s reputation. As a result, your brand will become something that real customers will never see. Therefore, you only need to act on time and engage in moderation. The moderation team will monitor user activities and remove any silly content that upsets customers. Basically, it will protect your brand reputation online.

Hence, in a very basic one line, you desperately need such services, due to the following reasons

  • To safeguard the trust and reputation of your brand
  • To avoid cyberbullying
  • To restrict any user from posting absurd video content
  • To improve product sales and provide a welcoming environment to the customers

Major Types

Frame By Frame Moderation
Live Cam Moderation
End-To-End Moderation
Flagged Video Moderation
Hybrid Moderation
Custom Moderation

Benefits of Outsourcing Video Content Moderation Services to Us

  • Streamlined Work Procedure
  • Specialized Human Moderators
  • Instant Alerts
  • Multilingual Specialty

Why Choose Us?

Moderation isn’t an easy task. Therefore, it should be outsourced only to the most reliable vendor in the market. This is the reason why we are here. We understand the time and efforts involved in searching for the right vendor

Major reasons why most of our clients choose us over others –

  • Very strict QC measures
  • 100% minimization of obscene video content
  • Real-time moderation in multiple languages
  • Experienced human moderators on board
  • Cost-efficient and time-efficient services
Video Content Moderation Services

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